Top 10 Biggest Tow Trucks – NC Pool Supply

vides service over long distances. DAE can function as a vehicle with four wheels, however it also has the capability of being converted to a 3-wheeled vehicle in the event of need. DAF CF also has self-recovery capabilities.
ER-122000 L4

The tow truck is equipped with hydraulic stabilizers. The truck can be lifted up to 60 tonnes. ER trucks mostly tow cars who are stuck under tunnels and bridges.

Century 9055 XL

The tow trucks of the century often help with the towing of bus. The tow trucks of the century stand out for their ability to tow trucks stuck in difficult conditions.

CSR 85

CSR was designed to have the highest lifting capacity. Tow trucks are compatible with a variety of kinds of equipment.

Century M100

Century M100 two trucks handle the toughest towing tasks. Remote operator is available for the M100. It is able to lift up to two cars weighing more than 1 ton in one go.

Rotator 1175

Rotator 1175 features hydraulic rear stabilizers as well as an extension system, and an elevation system.

EuroTow 45

This EuroTow 45 stands out for being the only towing arm with hydraulic extensions.

Honourable Recognized Mentions Boniface Recover Trident Volvo FH16750 Century 1150 23f5wqb6jz.