Should You Refill or Exchange Your Propane Tank? – Rad Center

There may be a propane tank that you can use to grill. If so you have one, know how much is within the tank in all instances. It’s not a good idea to run out of propane for a barbecue or eat hamburgers with your loved ones. If it is getting close to full or empty, be sure to keep a local propane refill facility in the back of your mind. There’s a chance that you’ve replaced the propane tank but what if refilling it could be a better option? In this video an expert will go through the process of refilling or just replace the tank.

There is a slight cost savings by keeping your propane tank refilled rather than exchange it. This is because you will assure that the tank will be completely filled before a business will be able to refill the tank. If you purchase an replacement propane tank from the hardware shop, they might not be fully filled, which can lose you some of your money.

Check out the entire video to learn all about whether it is time to replenish or replace your propane tank once it’s getting close to the point of being empty.