In Need of a Better Way to Organize Your Links? Social Bookmark Sites Can Help

Are you finding it difficult to keep track of all the links that your friends share on Facebook regarding their new favorite music? Are you looking for a more efficient way to share relevant articles about national politics, all in one place?

If so, you may find that the social bookmarks tools readily available on websites such as Delicious and Reddit can help you spread the word on the most fascinating stories and topics to more people. You can also have greater access to the links that are trending upward around the web, as shared by thousands of online users such as yourself.

If you are more visually minded and pictures are more your speed than written articles, the social media sharing tools on sites like Pinterest are ideal. For those whose interests involve the culinary arts or fashion, Pinterest is an excellent way to find new recipe ideas or inspired outfits all in one place. You can simply search through the topic of your choice, pin the photos that you love to your own customized pinboard, and read the original web page the photo comes from at a later date. As a social media tool in general, Pinterest allows your friends and other online users who value your opinions and tastes to easily find and benefit from the things that interest you.

For social bookmarks tools with a more newsy tone, Digg might be your preferred destination. If you want a more casual social bookmarks experience, StumbleUpon can be great discovering sites you had no idea even existed. To continue the conversation below on which social bookmarking sites strike your fancy, you can leave your questions, comments, and suggestions in the forum below.