Ideas for a Simple Backyard Wedding Reception – My Maternity Photography

You can be creative with making them as easy or as elaborate as possible. Beer and wine are a great choice. You’ll definitely want to serve wines and beer available to your guests. Get recommendations from your caterer when you’re not certain what kind of wine or beer you should serve. You can ask them to provide the appropriate wine or beverage based on what you are serving. Craft beers always go down well, and so are the local wines. Remember to drink water. You should ensure that your guests stay hydrated, particularly when the weather is scorching hot. You can spice up plain water by adding fruit or other herbs. Also, you can serve it in glass bottles.


Appetizers: The most important thing to have at every wedding reception are appetizers. These will keep your guests entertained until dinner is ready. Also, they’re a great option to incorporate your wedding’s theme into your food. Main meal In the main course, it’s most often the center of attention So, make sure you choose something that will please people. If you’re not sure of the type you’re serving, talk to your caterer for suggestions. Your caterer will be able assist you in deciding based on how many guests are expected and at what times. For inspiration, you can look up the menus at the restaurant you prefer. Dessert: Dessert is always popular with the guests. Simple cakes or cupcakes is enough to satisfy everyone. However, if you’re searching for something a little different you might want to consider something like a dess dicqf8vhxl.